With local solar, you can decrease your electricity costs by approximately 10% annually and reduce carbon emissions.

There’s no need to participate in a Community Choice Aggregation (CCA) program to benefit from solar.


Check out this video from NYSERDA
(NY State Energy Research & Development Authority):



Approximately 50% of all homes are unable to host solar panels. Joule Community Power’s solar programs empower homeowners, renters, and small businesses to easily tap into the benefits of solar:

  • Save ~10% annually on your electric bill

  • No sign-up or cancellation fee

  • No rooftops panels required

  • No credit checks or long-term contracts


  • Support the development of clean, renewable energy in NY State

  • Reduce carbon emissions

  • Raise funds that can be used to benefit your community

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How it Works

  1. You subscribe to a shared solar farm in your community, and receive an allocation sized to offset nearly all of your typical electricity usage

  2. The farm feeds clean, solar energy into the local utility grid. You’ll continue to receive power from your local utility; but your electricity bill will be lower because of credits (derived from NY State incentives for clean energy generation) for the energy by solar farm.

  3. Each month, you’ll receive two bills – one from your local utility company and one from the solar farm that will add up to less than you pay now. Your utility will bill you for the electricity you use less the bill credits that incentivize solar generation. The solar farm will bill you for 90% of the solar credit value.

You save the 10% difference!